Warner – Iconic Moments

Iconic MomentsThe brief was to reinvigorate the Warner Brothers back catalogue – refreshing the look and feel of each selected title, based on the Iconic Moments from each. Essential to ensure that all titles work together across a family look, to drive collectability and incremental sales.

I decided to give all 24 selected titles an overarching and collectible look. Achieved by creating a line look – using iconic symbols and quotes from each as the main drivers of the design. A campaign logo lock-up was produced to help demonstrate a family of titles along with the overall design treatment.
I later designed a box-set to help house the collection.

Iconic Moments

Iconic Moments Iconic MomentsIconic MomentsIconic MomentsThunderbolt-Mockup

Early signs indicate one of the most successful campaigns for Warner Bros in recent years, driving sales of 30,000 units in the first two weeks, with most titles outperforming their estimated sales figures.