Torchy is the world I live in with my brother. It’s our happy-clappy colourful playground full of puppety horror, existential dread and curmudgeonly contrarianism. It’s a kaleidoscope of Chocky, Alien, The Terminator, Young Ones, Spaced, Bottom, David Lynch, Children of the Stones, The Wicker Man, Alan Partridge, Jake Thackray, Kubrick, John Carpenter, Smell of Reeves & Mortimer, Stan Winston, Kate Bush, KRS ONE, Dario Argento, Saul Bass, Wu-Tang-Clan, Andrei Tarkovsky… the list goes on a bit. And so do we given half a chance.

In the spirit of collaboration and creativity we brought together a network of genuine creators to help us celebrate the launch of our new website with an exhibition of ‘green and orange’ products.

It was an evening of networking with bespoke ales, illustrations, ice cream, prints, sculptures, cakes, installations and a big parallax website.


My piece for the ‘Go Torchy’ eventTorchy

Doing some screenprinting in my old flat.

Torchy is an umbrella for all our creative output, as brothers. Keep a look out at for future projects & collaborations.