The Savill Garden

The Saville Garden

I was involved on a large annual campaign for Windsor Great Park, to help promote The Savill Garden and its surroundings to a wider audience. The creative needed to excite and entice a whole new generation of visitors to the gardens without alienating their existing members. A major consideration was the entry charges to The Savill Garden. Why would somebody pay to get into a smaller part of the Windsor Great Park when the surrounding park is free…I know i wouldnt!

I felt that the imagery needed to feel magical, as if there is another world waiting to be discovered. I managed to find some half decent photos from their limited image bank and spent quite a bit of time retouching and colourising them. The typography was hidden within the scene to add a feeling of depth & texture, as if its an enchanting secret garden that you need to explore.

Strong reference to the changing seasons and the unique flowers that it brings was very important. It meant that hardcore horticulturalists would feel included, as well as offering a rich culture of information to all age groups and demographics.

The campaign was fully integrated; location advertising was used to entice visitors of the Café and Windsor Great Park through to the paid entry of The Savill Garden. Press, Out of Home and Online media.The Saville Garden

The Saville Garden

The Saville Garden

Here is a pitch idea that i worked up in 1 day! It was looking at The Savill Garden as a LIVE event. I managed to design and illustrate 2 Leaflets, Press ad, Double page spread, Magazine cover, EDM & Youtube takeover.The Saville GardenThe Saville GardenThe Saville Garden