The Royal Mint – Merchandise Style Guide

During the construction of the new Visitor Centre, The Royal Mint wanted to ensure that visitors enjoyed a superior retail experience that reflected their visit. The gift shop at The Royal Mint Experience had to be a pleasant environment that was easy for visitors to navigate through, with a consistently high standard of gifts.

I collaborated with a couple of designers and developed an extensive, merchandise style guide, that reflected The Royal Mint’s history and culture in a fresh a vibrant way, whilst making sure that all products and messaging would meet the exacting criteria and standards expected of The Royal Mint brand. By focusing on a number of themes, ranging from the present day to its thousand years of history, we made sure that any gifts produced would be relevant to the Visitor Centre experience, enabling retailers to create strong, clean and themed merchandising bays for a stimulating shopping experience.

The Royal Mint

The Royal MintNotebook-Mockup-vol-2-Isometric-view-C5 Royal-Mint2