Storyboards, Sketches & Scamps

WIth the ever changing expectations of clients and the growing need for imagery to be created on computer, there’s nothing I love more than taking the opportunity to break out the pencils & pens and get back to basics.

Storyboard I made for a music video entitled – Owen Money. It was inspired by old Tv shows like: ‘Chocky’ and ‘Children of the stones’.Owen Money Storyboard Owen Money Storyboard Storyboard Artwork

Sketch I did of my favourite film ‘The Tenant” by Roman Polanski. The sketch was used for a movie zine, created by Mat Pringle.

Film Zine - The Tenant

Sci-Fi Illustration for a group colouring book

Oakwood Colouring Book

Concept stills for some short films by Geoffrey Taylor

Storyboard Artwork

Cycling illustrations for Bike Bloggers – ‘The Footdown’


The Footdown

Initial scamp I created, to help the client visualise the Thomas The Tank Engine – Experiential Tour Concept.

Thomas Experiential Scamp

Camera design for a limited edition T-shirt print