Point Of Sale

I’ve worked on countless pieces of In-store material (FSDU’s, Pallets, Gravity feeders etc…)¬† and one thing I’ve noticed…the¬†measurements and sizes that are provided are almost always wrong!

Warner required a suite of POS that showcased products from both, Boomerang & Cartoon Network. The original tagline I came up with was ‘TOONIVERSE’ but due to legal issues, it ended up being changed to Toon-Universe….

TooniverseBarbie pallet that I visualised from an early concept sketch. The final artwork that went to print, ended up being a simpler, more cost effective version with a lot less die-cut elements.

Barbie 3-way PalletFisher-Price, revamped the classic Viewmaster for a modern, digital age. I was asked to create 3 concepts of an FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) that would best advertise the new products, they wanted to see a Bronze, Silver and Gold approach to the designs that would reflect the costs involved when created & placed in situ.

Bronze – Standard FSDU that featured simple die-cut elements.Viewmaster

Silver – Double sided FSDU that had lots of die-cut & pop-out elements. Viewmaster

Gold – Large, totally bespoke unit, with multiple diecut & 3D elements.

Viewmaster The client ended up chosing an option between Bronze and Silver.Viewmaster

Minecraft till topperMinecraft Till Topper