Audio Production

I find it hard to limit myself to being just a Designer/illustrator as i’ve found that Music production is really important and has always been an integral part of my work. I really enjoy creating different types of audio and had lots of opportunities to compose tunes that compliment a short film, teaser trailer or viral ad.

Intro logo sting for Robert Llewellyn’s – Fully Charged episodes


Japanese/80’s synth inspired music I created for the Honda E prototype episode of Fully Charged


Tron esc music I made for the Pikes Peak episode of Fully Charged.


DC Shoes, used one of my tracks, entitled – ‘DARK DARK HOUSE’ from my second album ‘GOOD LADS’.  It was used for the intro to the Lace Em Up tour.

My Brother and I created the audio for this Channel 5 sting which played inbetween programs. It was brilliantly animated by our good friend Tom Jobbins.

I created this for Pedal London 2012. It was made from various bike sounds and field recordings that I gathered.

Wiper and True commissioned me to create a promo video for them. I filmed and edited this in a day… although the music took much longer to make.

Campr is a brilliant Camping app that helps you decide were to spend your holidays. I was tasked with making over 40 tracks for all the campsite mood videos. Check it out on the App store.

I created the music for Breathe, a short film made by Geoffrey Taylor. The track was made by sampling lots of wine glasses full of water and an old violin from a charity shop.

My bro and I created this fast paced, John carpenter esq. track, for Slingshot’s Zombie chase game.